Farha's Story

Farha's journey into the world of perfumery began as a love affair with scents from different cultures. Her passion led her to explore the artistry and craftsmanship that lay behind each bottle, ultimately sparking the creation of Farha Fragrance.

Happiness in a Bottle Farha’s obsession for perfumery blossomed early, inspired by the aromatic tapestry of her Eastern cultures, while growing up surrounded by the gentle landscapes of the west. This cultural intersection results in a rich tapestry of experiences, blending elements from both worlds.  From the Rich allure of Oud, and the delicate essence of Damask rose from the valleys of Taif.  To the the rich, caramel notes of vanilla, and the earthy tones of tobacco fields,  brings the essence of an Arabesque Southern charm to every fragrance meticulously crafted.

She envisioned a brand that not only celebrated the scents of her culture, but also invited individuals to embark on a scented voyage of self-discovery.  Each fragrance is a carefully composed melody, resonating with the vibrant hues, intricate patterns, and heartfelt stories that define the world. Farha envisioned a world where scents tell stories, where fragrances are not just notes but chapters of a captivating journey.  The brand is not just about creating beautiful scents but contributing positively to the communities that play a role in its creation.

Her dream was to encapsulate the essence of her roots in each fragrance that is carefully curated, reflecting her dedication to the art of perfumery and a commitment to creating scents.

Thank you for choosing Farha, a perfumery that weaves together the richness of traditional roots with a global journey of scents. We hope that Farha will be your bottle of happiness. 

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